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Can I choose the recipes I want? How to do ?

You can choose the recipes of your choice from our list of recipes for the week.

If it is a one-time order, you can send us a message at the time of order.

If it is a subscription, you can send us an email every week but at the latest on the Saturday preceding the next delivery. Without email from you, we will make you an assortment.

Do you use exclusively organic ingredients ?

All our ingredients are labeled Organic except the fish which is labeled MSC / ASC.

What texture do you offer?

We offer 3 types of textures: Smooth / mixed / pieces.

You can customize the textures by putting a note when ordering.

and even make them evolve as the weeks go by.

You can, for example, ask for a few days of smooth and a few days of mixed until your baby gets used to the mixed texture completely.

Without specification from you, we offer the following textures:

6 to 8 months: Smooth

From 9 to 11 months: Mixed

From 12 months: Pieces

How do I get the deposit refunded?

As soon as we receive your jars in return, we will refund within 30 days.

How to return the deposit?

To return the deposit, you have two options:

Or you can bring the jars and the bag back to our address in Lausanne (avenue d'Ouchy 49, 1006 Lausanne)

Or we can organize the recovery ourselves at your home with a fee of 7 francs which will be deducted from the deposit .

Be careful to put your name in the package back so that we know "this is your package".

Do I have to pay the deposit with each order?

When it is a one-off order, consigneThe deposit is requested on each order.

When it is a regular order (a subscription) the deposit is requested during the first delivery only.

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How much is shipping ?

Depending on your living area, delivery costs between CHF 4.90 and CHF 11.90.

Can I choose the delivery time?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose the delivery time. However, the pack being delivered in an insulated bag, we leave it outside your door in case of absence.

I just place an order. When will I be delivered?

P’tit Po’Pays only delivers fresh products. From then on you can order until Friday and will be delivered the following Friday.

In case of emergency, You can write us an email to receive your pack sooner. If we can, we try to make the best of it anyway.

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My child under 6 months. Can I still order for him?

Our meals are completely adaptable to children from 4 months. If your child is in this case, you can order for a 6 month pack and specify that it is a child under 6 months (On request, We can adapt the recipes by not putting for example no aromatic herbs or no meat, etc.)

Can I customize my subscription?

If you need a specific subscription (3 days a week, etc.), you can send us a request by email to which we would be happy to respond.

If your child has simple dietary restrictions (Meat-free, Lactose-free, etc.) , You can, when ordering, put a note.

If your child has more complex dietary restrictions, you can send us an email with your request which we will study carefully.

How long can i keep the babyfood?

You can keep our pots between 15 and 18 days In the refrigerator (see expiration date on the back of the pots) 

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