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P\'tit Po\'Pays was created by a mother.

"And this Mom, it\'s me! Yasmine!

When I had my little boy and went back to work after a maternity leave that went too fast, the food diversification of my baby quickly began and with that, the difficulty of preparing baby-food!

Going back home after a working day, take care of baby, and at the same time think about the menu that you will prepare, buy the ingredients, peel, cut, cook, wash empty jars, sterilize it, etc. etc. . Many things that we would like to avoid in order to fully enjoy our baby which is growing up!

But, as any parent, I want the best for my child, and unfortunately, I could only find the best by preparing my baby\'s meals myself!

The idea then came to me!

But why not ? Why not help all those parents who have known, know or know the same problem as me? Why couldn\'t we, as parents, enjoy a little more time with our baby, or just rest a bit when baby sleeps? yes because with all this, we must add the laundry, the bag to prepare for the next day, the cleaning, and so on!

So this is it! After months of research, testing, etc., after being at the same time saleswoman, buyer, computer specialist, cooker, accountant, and of course Mom; I can finally open P\'tit Po\'Pays!

I can finally offer to all Swiss babies, the best baby-food on the market and to their parents, much less stress!

So finally, I would say that "We" are in reality "Me"! but it is also a multitude of people and entities that I would like to thank because they helped me and still help me in my project! Among them, my parents, my brothers and sisters, my aunts, my husband, my friends, the partner companies I work with, etc. but also and especially, my little boy who has been my official tester since! :-) "