Hands to give bread and care!

The Dehmin association is a humanitarian association created in Ivory Coast.

Its innovative concept consists of making donations that will turn into electronic vouchers (via the site or a mobile application).

These electronic vouchers are then distributed fairly to the needy people who have previously registered.Equity is total because it takes into account different information (for example: single person or person with child (ren)).

These electronic vouchers can be used in a large number of essential stores (food, pharmacy, etc.).

But the concept goes even further because it allows not only to know exactly where our donations go, but also to come to the aid of beggars who, received much less donations because of the current pandemic state, to have a real and effective help while respecting the principles of social distancing.

It is important to us to support this humanitarian association in which we believe.

Thus, we also offer you the possibility of participating in this beautiful work.

When shopping. you will have the possibility of offering 1.- for 1 meal for 1 child in ivory coast.

We thank you for your participation !

The Popays Family