Can I choose the recipes I want? How to do ?

You can choose the recipes of your choice from our list of recipes for the week.

If it is a one-time order, you can send us a message at the time of order.

If it is a subscription, you can send us an email every week but at the latest on the Saturday preceding the next delivery. Without email from you, we will make you an assortment.

Do you use exclusively organic ingredients ?

All our ingredients are labeled Organic except the fish which is labeled MSC / ASC.

What texture do you offer?

We offer 3 types of textures: Smooth / mixed / pieces.

You can customize the textures by putting a note when ordering.

and even make them evolve as the weeks go by.

You can, for example, ask for a few days of smooth and a few days of mixed until your baby gets used to the mixed texture completely.

Without specification from you, we offer the following textures:

6 to 8 months: Smooth

From 9 to 11 months: Mixed

From 12 months: Pieces