How do I get the deposit refunded?

As soon as we receive your jars in return, we will refund within 30 days.

How to return the deposit?

To return the deposit, you have two options:

Or you can bring the jars and the bag back to our address in Lausanne (avenue d'Ouchy 49, 1006 Lausanne)

Or we can organize the recovery ourselves at your home with a fee of 7 francs which will be deducted from the deposit .

Be careful to put your name in the package back so that we know "this is your package".

Do I have to pay the deposit with each order?

When it is a one-off order, consigneThe deposit is requested on each order.

When it is a regular order (a subscription) the deposit is requested during the first delivery only.

I no longer wish to order. How to return the pack as a deposit?

You can return the signed pack directly to our premises at the following address: avenue de Ouchy 49, 1006 Lausanne.

As we are not a store, we do not have a fixed schedule. However, you can easily leave your pack outside the door, taking care to write your name down.

I want to order again. Can the delivery person collect the old bag when the new delivery is made?

When you re-order, the delivery person can collect the old bag at the time of delivery. To do this, on the day of delivery, please leave the old bag outside your door.