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P'tit Po'Pays was created by a Maman from Lausanne in 2017. 

"And I am this Mom ! Yasmine ! 

When I had my first child and I returned to work after maternity leave that went by way too quickly,

the food diversification of my little one quickly began and with that, the galley of baby food! 

Coming home from work at night, take care of the baby, and at the same time think about the menu we are going to prepare, buy the ingredients, peel, cut, cook, wash the empty jars, sterilize them, and so on.

Many things we would like to do without in order to be able to fully enjoy our growing baby! But like any parent, I want the best for my child, and unfortunately, I could only find the best by cooking my baby's meals myself! 

The idea then came to me!

But why not ?

Why not help all those parents who have known, know or will know the same galley as me?

Why can't we, parents that we are, enjoy baby a little more, or just get some rest when baby is sleeping?

yes because to all that, we must add, the laundry to do, the business to prepare for the next day, the cleaning, and so on !!!

So this is it!

After much research; after having been at the same time a salesperson, buyer, computer scientist, cook, accountant, and of course Mom; I was finally able to open PoPays!

I was finally able to offer all Swiss babies the best in baby food and to their parents, less stress!

So to finish with, I would say that it is me! but it is also a multitude of people and entities that I would like to thank because they helped me and still help me in my project! Among them, my family, my friends, the partner companies I work with, etc. but also and above all, my little boy who was my first official tester and my daughter who, since 2019, has taken up the torch of official tester! :-) "