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Yum ! Yum ! Baby ready to taste his first Po’Pays?

Let yourself be guided...


Visit our online store and

select your products. Every Thursday, discover the menus for your orders for the following week. Order deadline until Sunday.

Receive your packs at home or at the point of sale of your choice between Thursday and Friday (depending on residential area).



It is imperative to respect the cold chain: Keep your Po’Pays in the refrigerator (max 5 ° C) until consumption before the expiration date.




When you open your country, you hear "Pschitt". This means that it is well vacuum-packed and ready for consumption.

The lid is not attached to the jar. It is only held in place by vacuuming. Take precautions when opening to avoid any risk of breakage (hold the cover with one hand and pull the tab with the other hand).



Reheat your Po’Pays, either:

    in the microwave

    water bath

Attention, we advise you to mix the preparation well and to check the temperature before giving to baby.




The P’tit Po’Pays team has set up a recycling system for Po’Pays. After use, simply put the empty jars back in the cooler bag and our delivery person will collect them when you next order.

In case of non-restocking, please return the insulated bag to the point of sale: Avenue d'Ouchy 49, 1006 Lausanne.

Your deposit will be refunded within 30 days.


Baby conquered, too?

In this case, subscribe to our subscription formula in order to receive the pack of your choice each week.

The P’tit Po’Pays team is at your disposal for further information and looks forward to preparing your next orders!