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This noise means that your Popays is well vacuum-packed and ready for consumption. If in doubt, do not consume it and contact us. The lid is not integral with the jar. It is only held in place by vacuuming. Take care when opening to avoid any risk of breakage (hold the cover with one hand and pull the tab with the other hand).

15 to 18 Days

Thanks to our pasteurization process, your freshly cooked meals can be kept in the refrigerator between 15 and 18 days. The expiry date is always indicated on the label.

0 to 5 °C

Observe the cold chain: Keep your Popays in the refrigerator (max 5 ° C) until the time to consume them before the expiry date.

Warm up

Warm up your Po'Pays, either: in the microwave water bath Be careful, we advise you to mix the preparation well and to check the temperature before giving to baby.

Return of the deposit

The Popays Team has set up a recycling system for Po’Pays. After use, all you have to do is put the empty jars back in the cooler bag and our delivery person will collect them on your next order. In case of not restocking, we ask you to return the cooler bag to the point of sale: Avenue d'Ouchy 49, 1006 Lausanne.


Home delivery

Delivery throughout Switzerland. Order your weekly menu until Sunday for delivery the following Friday.

Pick up in our store

You can also collect your order from our Store in Lausanne. Avenue d'Ouchy 49, 1006 Lausanne. Order your menu for the week until Sunday for a withdrawal the following Thursday from 5 p.m.