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Our concept

Our innovative concept is perfectly in line with the recommended recommendations for infant nutrition.

Each week, P'tit Po'Pays makes meals with natural and bold flavors for your babies from 06 to 36 months.

Our packs

Our customizable packs allow us to adapt to your baby's needs.

Convenient, just order from our online store for one-click home delivery!

Our quality guarantee

From the farmer to your home, everything is thought by P'tit Po'Pays to ensure total traceability and keep the true taste of home made.

Our babyfood are made in our professional kitchen in Lausanne, meeting the standards of hygiene in force.

Tested by the specialized laboratories, the meals are adapted to the age of your child in order to answer the advices recommended by the SSN (Swiss Society of Nutrition), the SSP (Swiss Society of Pediatrics), and the WHO (World Health Organization).

Our gentle and low-temperature cooking method allows you to keep a maximum of vitamins and nutrients. P'tit Po'Pays baby food can be conserved in the fridge more than 2 weeks thanks to our pasteurization process.